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Married men forced into submissive male womanhood! See them trained as sissy bitches, feminized husband maids and strapon sluts by their very OWN dominant wives! Feminized, sodomized and brutalized into becoming sissy cock whores fit only for satisfying the perverted lusts of their bitch wives! Could you stand becoming the little sissy husband of a dominant wife? Would you like to WATCH men who HAVE?

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wives sissy training husbands picture
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Husband's Forced Feminization!

"Gina was a sexually dominant woman who liked to get kinky, to say the least! She had talked with some of her Dominatrix friends and they had told her about how much fun THEY had force feminizing the husbands of rich and powerful female clients. This sounded like fun to Gina, so she promptly went home and announced to her husband Dennis that he was going to be sissy trained for the next few months! "No fucking way!" he said "I'm not a fucking sissy fag!" But things soon turned out QUITE differently for him when Gina dragged him upstairs by the hair, forced him into a pair of sheer pantyhose and a frilly smock! He kicked and struggled, but his dominant wife soon had him in heels too! "What a pretty little girl you make" she taunted "It's going to be SO much fun making you into a REAL woman with this huge fucking strapon!" Dennis was almost in tears, what had come over this woman?"
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Submissive Male Womanhood!

"Jennifer had become fascinated with training her husband as a sissy ever since she had read an article on "Submissive Male Womanhood" on the net one night. Her mother had always told her that all men were closet homos and she had come to believe it, especially after she found out her husband Jim had once let a transvestite suck him off while on shore leave in the Navy. The idea of feminizing her husband and making him re-enact the scene, but with him as the transvestite became fixated in her mind. So she bought him a set of women's clothes, complete with bra and panties and made him dress up. Then she would torment him into getting on his knees and sucking her strapon like another man's cock. "Suck it, bitch!" she would scream at him "I want to see you sissy suck this cock like that two dollar boy whore you found!" Jim fought her as best he could, but in the end...HE SUCKED!"
wives sissy training husbands picture
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Pantyhose Sissy Husband
Feminized By The Wife!
wives sissy training husbands picture
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Feminized And Sodomized!

"Bob never thought being married was going to end up like this! Being sissy trained, dressed as a girl and forcibly sodomized with a strapon by his own wife! Brenda had always been the dominant sexual partner in their union, but she had never said anything about wanting him to be a sissy! It all started one day when she simply marched into the bedroom, threw a handful of female clothes on the bed and demanded he put them on. "I've decided you're a fucking wimp - and you're worthless in bed!" She pointed to the huge strapon she had placed on the dresser top "From now on I'M going to wear the cock in the house and YOU'RE going to take it like a little bitch! Now put on your panties, SISSY!"

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Forced To Sissy Suck!

"Open!" Maria commanded her cross dressed husband as she forced him to kneel before her and suck her strapon "I want you to suck this rubber cock like it's the first black cock you've ever had!" She frequently made her husband dress as a sissy and act the part of her private secretary in the office she kept in their house. Often she'd make him serve tea and take notes as she dictated, sometimes even making him answer the phones as "Mrs.Kendal's sissy"! She had been sissy training her husband for the past year as a punishment, ever since she caught him looking at naked pictures of young girls on the internet. "Maybe being turned into a sissy bitch will cure you of these urges" she hissed "Instead of looking at little girls sucking cocks, you'll BE one!" What HELL this poor husband must be going through at the hands of his OWN wife!"
wives sissy training husbands picture
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wives sissy training husbands picture
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Sissy Husband Strapon Fucked!

"This dominant wife has feminized her husband and is now training him with a strapon. "Let's get these cute little thong panties out of the way" she sneers as she yanks the fabric out of the way to reveal his tight virgin asshole "I'm going to enjoy fucking you good and deep with my new red strapon. I want the couple down the hall to hear you BEG for cock like a good sissy should!" Her husband choked back the tears and meekly put his ass in the air to allow his dominant bitch of a wife to mount him savagely. "Yeah!" she bellowed as she rammed the strapon deep into his stinging anus "Now Mommy's fucking that sissy ass GOOD!"
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